Gogoluxe provides specialized, informed and expert intelligence across the fashion market, together with strategy and business development experience.

| RAMYA GIANGOLA | Ramya maintains her finger on the pulse of what moves the fashion and design industry, simultaneously serving as a recognized influencer and tastemaker. While closely monitoring fashion, design, retail, food and architecture, Ramya is always a step ahead and on to the next thing, before it is the 'next thing.'

Ramya is uniquely positioned to understand and straddle the often disparate roles of commerce and creativity, achieving a balance between the two that translates to profitability for the businesses that rely on her expertise. Through Gogoluxe, Ramya ensures that her clients have both awareness of and access to the best from across all fashion and lifestyle disciplines. Ramya, along with her market team, is Gogoluxe clients’ trusted and respected brand ambassador, on the ground. In part, this is accomplished through her refined cultural sensitivity, through which she recognizes the varied needs between consumers in different parts of the world.

Ramya has been acknowledged by industry peers for her specialization in identifying emerging designer talent and knowledge of the international retail landscape. This includes the ability to recognize both the trend-ability and commerciality of brands within the portfolio of major specialty retailers. The Council of Fashion Designers of America engages Ramya as an official mentor with its CFDA Fashion Incubator program. She also serves on the expert committee with DHL & IMG for its emerging talent program, "DHL Exported."

In addition to understanding the direction of the industry and all things fashion, Ramya plays the part as well. Recognized for her personal style, she is often profiled by leading online publishers and selected by brands to be featured in marketing collateral and campaigns.

| GIANCARLO GIANGOLA | Giancarlo has extensive experience in strategy and business development, primarily to high-growth companies. Entrepreneurial by nature, he has worked with businesses across the wider lifestyle industry from apparel and luxury products, to media and entertainment services. Giancarlo spearheads strategic initiatives on client projects that entail the development and growth of their business units, including the launch of new retail concepts, formats, categories and markets. In addition, he exerts his editorial eye and sensibility to oversee the company’s research and publications, while managing the operational aspects of the growing business. Giancarlo is an MBA and former competitive triathlete who trained and competed throughout France for several years.

| OUR TEAM | The team at Gogoluxe is made up of talented, creative individuals who are dedicated to market research, artist and designer collaborations, special in-store retail projects, client account management, creative solutions and clients’ logistical support in market, among the myriad other customized projects that our dynamic clients require.